Simplify running and managing a tournament by automating tedious tasks:

  • Create and manage tournament and leagues
  • Clean and simple design; easy-to-use
  • Define divisions, pools, tournament rules
  • Manage teams, rosters, venues, players
  • Automatic tie-breakers, standings, player stats
  • Electronic game sheets using any smartphone
  • Auto-fill brackets/playoff according to round-robin standing
  • Drag-n-Drop Scheduler
  • Reporting and public access for tournament results

How does iTrackHockey Tournaments Work:

  • Register as a tournament Manager
  • Add your tournament, venues, divisions, and teams
  • Import rosters from a spreadsheet
  • Assign teams to pools
  • Set your tie-breaker logic
  • Define brackets (playoffs) and placement logic
  • Use our drag-n-drop scheduler to assign games to Venues + Time slots
  • Automatically generate pool games
  • Assign games to timekeepers
  • Timekeepers use their phones / tablets to record electronic game sheets
  • View automatic standings and player statistics

iTrackHockey TimeKeeper App

Once a Time Keeper is assigned by a Tournament Manager, they can use their phone to download the assigned games and record all required events using iTrackHockey.


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